Welcome To Jones Bee
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Welcome To Jones Bee

 "Utah's Best Kept Secret"    

We have been around since the '60's keeping bees ourselves here in Utah.

We don't follow a lot of the internet chatter, but we do have good success with our bees.

Swarm Removal Service in Most Parts of Utah

Call 801-973-8281 

Free if in a Tree! or something one can brush them off of.

Home removal a fee may be involved.

If you ordered 2 1/2 pound Italians, your delivery date is 4/26/18 if we have your email the notices are being sent this week.  

Our 3 pound Italian Packages have bee delayed until May 10-11, 2019!  Sold Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Located Just Minutes From Downtown Salt Lake City.

That's one mile west of Redwood Rd, off of 400 South, as you travel it becomes 500 South. Our office is a yellow home, the building just east of it is Jones Bee's Sales room. We have 

an open flag out by 500 S. If you get lost call us and we will walk you through it.

Jones Bee Company has been supplying beekeeper's with all of their supplies for over 60 years! We also carry a wide variety of candle and soap making supplies, & Pure Honey for your

Health as well as a wide variety of books and other gifts.

Do you have a question about bees or beekeeping?  Email us at jonesbee@msn.com!
As free service for all of our fellow beekeeper's. You may list or sell your slightly used equipment with us. Call for details.

We are sold out for the 2019 season.

Sold out of Bees

Honey From 2018 For Sale!!!

Need to come to Jones Bee

to Pick up.



Gallon Jug




Gallon Jug


Thank You and have a great day.

March-May Hours

Monday: 8:00 to 2:00 
Tuesday through Friday: 9:00 TO 5:00
Saturday: 9:00 to 3:00
(If the banks are closed, Jones Bee is more than likely closed.)
Thank You and have a great day.

Jones Bee Co. Will be Closed:

May 27, 2019 For Memorial Day
July 04-07, 2019 For Independence Weekend
September 02, 2019 For Labor Day
November 28 & 29, 2019 For Thanksgiving
December 24-31 2019 For the Holiday Season

Click for details.

Bee Feed Recipe for those that needed it.