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BeeKeeping For DummiesBeeKeeping for Dummies, 1st Ed.
"The information a beginner needs to keep bees with confidence." Kim Flottum, Bee Culture Magazine
"A reader-friendly guide to beekeeping for novices or beginners." Dewey M. Caron, Professor of Entomology, University of Delaware
ship wt 1 lb
Bee Lessons
by  Howard Scott

The Hive and the Honey Bee  The latest edition of the classic book on beekeeping. Completely rewritten, revised and enlarged. The best reference book on honey bees and beekeeping. 22 chapters, 33 world-famous authors, hundreds of photos and drawings, clothbound with attractive gold stamped cover and spine, and many special features: new 52-page U.S. and Canadian honey plants table, updated Africanized honey bee information, parasitic bee mites management, business practices, marketing, hive products, bee behavior, pesticides, and more. Revised 1992
First Lessons in Beekeeping An excellent book for those exploring beekeeping. Easy-to-read instructions are explicit for seasonal handling and care of the bee colony. One of the original books in "how to" beekeeping for over 75 years. Ample illustrations and reliable information about wintering, package bees, and honey production. A valuable book for your reference. Revised 1997 $19.95
Making Candles & Soaps For Dummies

Make floating candles, herbal soaps, and even a home spa Whether you're a beginner or seasoned craft person, this fun book offers everything you need to make beautiful, professional-looking candles and soaps at home. You get practical tips on dyeing and scenting wax, using unusual molds, adding embellishments to candles, working with soap ingredients, and even turning your hobby into a business!


Aromatherapy: Soothing Remedies to Restore, Rejuvenate and Heal                        by Valerie Gennari. Cooksley


Home Herbal
By Penelope Ody

From babies to the elderly Penelope Ody addresses the seven stages of life and how to care for ourselves at each one. Her emphasis is on taking charge of one's own day to day health.


Gourmet Soaps Made Easy                            by Melinda Coss

Melt & Mold Soap Crafting
By C. Kaila Westerman

Soapmaking has never been this easy! The revolutionary melt-and-mold method is taking the craft world by storm. Beginning with a meltable glycerin base, crafters can create stunning specialty soaps in minutes, with no lye and no waiting. It's as easy as melt, pour, mold, and decorate.

Blissful Bath: Handmade Soaps, Scents, and Decorative Accents
by Dawn Anderson

Transform the bath into a relaxing retreat! Create your own at-home sanctuary with this book of 17 handcrafted luxuries, perfect for a refreshing pick-me-up or a wonderful way to wind down.

300 Handcrafted Soaps : Great Melt & Pour Projects
by Marie Browning             Make any of these 300 beautiful, luxurious melt-and-pour soaps to delight everyone with exceptional colors, needed and learn the easy techniques. Whether you want something intoxicatingly fragrant or elegantly sensual, you have hundreds of beautiful, wonderful choices.
Natural Soapmaking        by Marie Browning No Chemicals... No harsh detergents... No synthetic scents... Just all-natural ingredients, handmade quality, and pure pleasure! Plunge into the luxury of a warm, foaming Champagne bubble bath, or invigorate yourself with a tub filled with Old-fashioned Fizzy Bath Salts. They'll relax your body, soften your skin, and delight your senses. Plus, they're easy to make-you can either start out with an ordinary store-bought bar of white soap or produce your own from scratch. Then add your favorite aromas, natural colorants and soothing herbs, flowers, and more.... $14.95
Soapmaking for the First Time  by Linda Orton                                       Join the millions who already enjoy the popular craft that combines color, fragrance, artistic design, practical use--and even healing. It's easy to learn the basics of how to collect materials and use molds. The fun really begins as you select your favorite shades and scents, and add natural botanical elements. Did you know, for example, that oatmeal works as a skin exfoliate and softener? Or that honey makes a fine moisturizer while clay dries oily skin? Or that rosebuds, peppermint, tea leaves, and cinnamon possess healing properties? Imagine the many styles of soap you can create: beauty bars, fun shapes for kids, embedded designs that use tiny bars of soap and jewel-like decorative objects. You can make soaps for special uses like bubbling bath oil, soap on a rope, soap inside a loofah sponge, bath salts, and massage oil. See how soap--and soapmaking--benefits your body and mind.

The Complete Candlemaker
by Norma Coney

Detailed instructions for making 40 kinds of candles -- from handsome hand-dipped tapers to intricate cut-and-purl pillars.
Information on fragrance, color, and surface decoration is also included, along with candles by some of the finest candlemakers in the world.
128 pages

CANDLEMAKING by David Constable Bring the beauty of light and fun of beeswax to your home. Veteran candlemaker David Constable has written this book for experienced beeswax candlemakers with all the tips, insights, ideas, and instructions that come from over 20 years of crafting beeswax candles. Take your own beeswax and turn it from a lemon-yellow lump into a creative and personal expression of light and beauty, the eternal elegance of candle light. $16.95
Big Book of Candles              by Sue Heaser                                                Here crafters and do-it-yourselfers will find more than 40 exciting candle-making projects that are as beautiful as they are fun to achieve. Styles range from elegant and sophisticated to whimsical, offering the perfect decorative accent for every occasion and personal taste. $19.95
Candlemaking for Fun & Profit
by Michelle Espino
Discover How to Profit from Your Craft
Have you ever dreamed of learning the beautiful art of candlemaking?
You can! Candlemaking For Fun & Profit was written with two purposes in mind: to teach you the basics of this fun craft and to show you how to turn these new skills into cash!
Whether you've been crafting for years or are just getting started.
336 pages
Naturally Creative Candles: Discover the Craft of Candle Making and Decorating Using Nature's Bounty
by  Letty Oates This unique art form is brought to vivid life as author Letty Oates demonstrates the immense potential of numerous natural materials in making and decorating different candles. More than 250 sharp photos reveal the results of creative candle-making.
Beginner's Guide to Candlemaking                      by David Constable                               How's how to make candles from one of Europe's leading candle lights. Make classic, spiral, colored candles, container, perfumed and floating candles. ...  $15.95
Scented Candles                 by Gloria Nicol  
aromatherapy for any room in the home, candles can enhance every decor. Scented Candles offers a wide range of projects grouped by scent ...
Candlecraft                             by Paul  Marko and Debbie Davis                    The art of candle making is ideally suited for creating stylish and individual accessories. Candlecraft brings together a collection of projects that will help you create candle displays for yourself, or for gifts. From elegant dining tapers to fun fruit and animals, Candlecraft has an idea for every occasion. $12.99
Candle Making in a Weekend : Inspirational Ideas and Practical Projects                         by Sue Spear                                Beginners can easily jump right in and turn out very good-looking candles with the clearly presented instructions in this guide. Nice color photos illustrate both finished products and every step along the way as we learn how to create marbled, layered, aromatic, embedded, appliquéd, chip, and several other variations of candles. Most project designs are fairly standard but are nevertheless attractive; a few are more innovative, such as the stacked candle or the lantern candle with embedded dried fruits. Additional ideas (though no instructions) $14.95
The Handmade Candle       by Jenkins, Alison; Peios, Emma  Candlemaking made easy: Alison Jenkins provides careful, step-by-step instructions for making them at home for pennies. Styles include tapered stripes, crackled pyramids, floral embossed candles, and candles that closely resemble Zen stones. $22.95
Country Living Handmade Candles                                  by Blake Jane                                 Handmade candles are truly personal accents in any setting-they have a character and distinction that is all there own. From an elegant dinning-table centerpiece to a fabulous barbecue illuminations, hand-crafted candles cast a magical glow. This lavishly illustrated book contains all you need to know to tailor-make your own candle creations. $19.95
The Candlemaker's Companion
by Betty Oppenheimer

Create exquisite, handcrafted candles at home with this comprehensive primer!
The Candlemaker's Companion shows you how to create rolled, poured, dipped, and molded candles.
Teaches techniques for scenting, coloring, decorating for special occasions.
Learn the craft of overdipping, painting, layering, and sculpting.
199 pages
Covered in Honey: The Amazing Flavors of Varietal Honey by Mani Niall The founder of Mani's Bakery in Los Angeles offers a fascinating look at honey and its many varieties, with more than 125 tantalizing recipes. 50 illustrations.
Home Is Where Your Honey Is
Cooks will flip over this new honey recipe flipbook. Our new cookbook, Home is Where Your Honey Is, is designed to stand on the kitchen counter. It contains more than 60 pages of honey recipes and use tips.


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