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Hive frames are fitted with thin sheets of embossed wax called foundation. Foundation for brood frames and extracted honey frames can have embedded wires for extra strength. This prevents the comb from sagging when the wax gets soft during hot weather or from tearing apart during extraction.

At Jones Bee Company, we used Duragilt Foundation for a lot of years, but we have recently changed to permadent.

Duragilt Foundation is a plastic bonded, beeswax foundation with metal edges. This foundation will save you labor. It is easy To use, has metal edges which reinforce and strengthen the frames. Deep Worker-Sized Cell Imprints Beeswax. Duragilt Foundation is bonded to a plastic inner sheet. It is precision milled and has no additional cross wires. Needed Communication Holes Can be used with either Wedge Top Bar or Grooved Top Bar Frames.
We feel Duragilt is the finest foundation you can use at this time. We do carry Three other varieties of foundation for those that choose not to use this type of foundation.


Duragilt Foundation is our Favorite!


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Duragilt Foundation

Duragilt 5 5/8"
Fits 6 1/4 inch Frames Foundation Size 5 5/8 inches x 16 7/8 inches

It is being discontinued from what our supplier has told us limited to quantity on hand.

ship. wt. 9 sheets per lb.

Permadent Foundation
(click image for a larger view)
Permadent Foundation
Injected Molded Plastic, Raised-Cell Sheet The Best Plastic Foundation Available Tested and Proven! The ultimate in plastic foundation—Precise deep cell walls. Deep Uniform Exact Cells Unique Uniform Spray Coating With 100% Pure Beeswax

Rite Cell wax Coated 8 1/2" (standard)


$1.49 For 100 sheets
MUST order 100 to honor

Rite Cell Wax Coated 5 5/8"

ship. wt - 7 oz.

$1.17 For 100 Sheets
MUST order 100 to honor

CrimpWired No Hook Foundation
(click on picture for larger view)
Crimp-wired (no Hook) Foundation
Crimp Wired foundation is pure beeswax with vertical wires embedded in it, but it is recommended that it you embed horizontal wires for the most strength.
Steel Hook Fits Behind Wedge In Top Bar. 9 Vertical Crimped Steel Wires Radiate Strength Perfectly. Milled Cells, Deep Exact Walls.

Crimp-Wired No Hook 8 1/2"
Fits 9 1/8 inch frame Foundation size 8 1/2 inch x 16 3/4

ship. wt.
7 sheets per lb.


Crimp- Wired No Hook 8 1/8"
Fits 9 1/8 inch frame with solid bottom bar Foundation size 8 1/8 inch x 16 3/4

ship. wt.
6 sheets per lb.

Crimp Wired No Hook 5 5/8

ship. wt. 7 sheets per lb.

Medium  Brood Foundation
Medium Brood Foundation
Medium Brood-The Original 100% Pure Beeswax Foundation, Unreinforced, precision milled, pure beeswax sheet. Precise Even-Milled Worker Sized Deep Walled Cells.
We Recommend Cross Wiring Frames With Medium Brood Foundation. Used with wedge top bar.

Medium Brood Foundation 8 1/8"

ship. wt.
8 sheets per lb.

out of stock

Medium Brood Foundation 5 5/8"

ship wt.
8 sheets per lb.


Bees Wax Natural

The color varies depending on the batch, but we try to keep it at a medium yellow.


One pound yellow Beeswax


Half pound yellow Beeswax



One ounce yellow Beeswax



One pound dark Beeswax (IT IS NOT YELLOW)


Half pound dark Beeswax



One ounce dark Beeswax




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