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“Utah’s Best Kept Secret”

With a rich heritage spanning over 60 years, Jones Bee excels in both beekeeping and honey production. Meticulous in our approach, we combine traditional beekeeping wisdom with modern techniques for superior hive health and productivity.

Our unwavering commitment to quality control, consistent product excellence, and a deep-seated dedication to sustainable practices and responsible sourcing assure that every product from Jones Bee meets the highest standards in both taste and ethical responsibility.


We embrace organic practices, ensuring our bees thrive in a natural, chemical-free environment.


At the heart of our beekeeping philosophy is the health of our bees and the natural purity of our honey.


Our dedication to quality and sustainable beekeeping has earned us accolades in the industry.

Local produce

We support and contribute to our local community. Our honey is a reflection of our local flora and the hard work of our community’s bees.

Always natural products

At Jones Bee Company, quality guides every step from our sustainably managed hives to your home. Our beekeeping harmonizes with nature, creating ecosystems where bees flourish and produce pristine honey. Each season, our bees forage Utah’s diverse flora, infusing our honey with unique, natural flavors.

Our team, committed to ethical beekeeping, ensures the well-being of our bees, reflecting in every jar of pure, unadulterated honey. It’s more than honey production; it’s a legacy of natural excellence and a tribute to Utah’s rich ecosystem, crafted for you to savor.


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